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Comparison #1-1

Comparison #1-1

We all compare ourselves to other people. We do this even isn’t meaningful, makes us unhappy, doesn’t make us better, smarter, and productive.

So why do we compare ourselves to other people?

----- Looking at You, Looking at Me -----

We designed to understand ourselves. This capacity for self-reflection is one of the defining characteristics of our species. We have a fundamental need to evaluate ourselves in interference with other people.

This was first explored by a social psychologist named Leon Festinger in 1954. He pointed out two reasons for our comparison.

Reduce uncertainty and define themselves. He called this concept social comparison theory.

Human beings can only define themselves in relation to someone else. We tend to compare to those who are similar in opinion and ability of ourselves, which means at a similar level. We will experience s to those people if we stop comparing ourselves to them, as long as they bring unpleasant consequences.

The important we think some particular group of people is, the more pressure we’ll feel to conform to that group in our abilities and opinions.

Now, we know we have a need to compare ourselves to people who are similar to us and even have bad and unpleasant feelings. So, why do we become better? Is comparing so bad?

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