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TT028-1 Error

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Error is inevitable in our lives. An error means that something has clearly violated the expected result. The interesting thing is before the moment when the error was discovered, we thought we were heading on the right track.

We focus on what to do when we think of what we want to achieve, , details are easily overlooked. The more complex things are, the more details are overlooked.

As long as one of the details is not as expected, it can spread like a domino effect.

Product Details
Composition 100% Cotton / Heat Color Graphic Transfer
Body Width (approx cm) S : 49 / M : 53 / L : 55 / XL : 57 / 2XL : 61 / 3XL : 65
Body Length (approx cm) S : 65 / M : 67 / L : 69 / XL : 73 / 2XL : 74 / 3XL : 76
Packaging Box Pack 250(L)mm x 250(W)mm x 40(H)mm
Weight 500g

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