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TT019-2 Across Right or Wrong

HK$198.00 HK$288.00

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If everything in the world can only be simply judged as right or wrong, I believe that there will be no disorder, mistake and contradictions.

We often use a simple way of judging right from wrong. As long as I know whether I am right or he/she is wrong, then we concluded.

Is the conclusion itself correct or wrong? It should be concluded by me or him/her?

Product Details
Composition 100% Cotton / Heat Color Graphic Transfer
Body Width (approx cm) S : 49 / M : 53 / L : 55 / XL : 57 / 2XL : 61 / 3XL : 65
Body Length (approx cm) S : 65 / M : 67 / L : 69 / XL : 73 / 2XL : 74 / 3XL : 76
Packaging Box Pack 250(L)mm x 250(W)mm x 40(H)mm
Weight 500g

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